Super Mario 64 Walkthrough: Dire, Dire Docks Stars

Super Mario 64 Dire, Dire Docks Screenshot

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is out now, and, with that, we’re here to help you collect every Power Star in Super Mario 64‘s Dire, Dire Docks.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 1: Board Bowser’s Sub

This one is nice and easy. First, swim underwater through the tunnels to reach the second open area (the one with a giant submarine). Swim to the surface and hit the purple switch on the side platform. This should create a series of blocks leading to the top of the sub. The Power Star is up here.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 2: Chests in the Current

Dive directly down from where you start the course. You should see four chests littered about the bed. Unlock them in order and the Power Star will reveal itself.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 3: Pole-Jumping for Red Coins

All the red coins are located in the same area so this will be easier to locate them all. Head to the larger section where the submarine once was and hit the purple switch. Instead of climbing up the blocks that would have led to the sub, climb another set of blocks that will lead to a platform high above. Using the moving poles, you’ll be able to grab the eight red coins needed for the Power Star.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 4: Through the Jet Stream

When you first swim out the tunnel into the large open area you’ll see a red metal grate with a jet stream firing upward. You’ll need to swim downward through five rings in a row as they float to the surface to reveal the Power Star. The Power Star will land right on the stream, so grab the Metal Cap and dash on over to retrieve it.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 5: The Manta Ray’s Reward

In the first area of the course, you’ll find a manta ray swimming around leaving bubble rings behind. Swim through five in a row without missing to reveal the Power Star just above the cyclone.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 6: Collect the Caps…

For this Power Star you’ll need to head over to the second open area and jump up to the platform with the Metal and Vanish Caps. First, grab the Vanish Cap and then head through the red fence to grab the Metal Cap. Now jump off the platform and into the water and head for the fence imprisoning the Power Star.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 7: Collect 100 Coins

This is as simple as it sounds. You will need to collect 100 Coins in Dire, Dire Docks, at which point the Power Star will appear wherever you secure the final Coin.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is now available exclusively at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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