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Dragalia Lost Artwork

Nintendo And Cygames Partner For Mobile Action RPG Dragalia Lost

Nintendo and Cygames have reached a business agreement that has seen the companies partner to create Dragalia Lost, an all-new original action RPG application for smart devices. Nintendo has been co-developing the game with the Japanese studio, and will jointly operate it in “bringing to life the shared vision of a new gaming experience with ...


Agatha Knife Review Header

Agatha Knife Review

Apparently, there are around 4,200 different kinds of religious ideologies in practice across the world. Whether you hold true to a certain faith or not, there’s no denying that blindly diving into something with both feet can easily lead to shallow water. This is the very moral paradigm that Agatha Knife uses to set up its guiltless premise,...


Donkey Kong Barrel Cake

This Donkey Kong Cake Is An Absolute (Barrel) Blast

The idea of eating a barrel may not sound very appetising, but what about one made from cake? Over the past few days, a video I uploaded on my Twitter account has been slowly accumulating views in the thousands. A video of a cake my wife and I created in the shape of a DK barrel from the Donkey Kong Country series. The response from the public has ...


Mew Pokémon GO Image

Pokémon GO Mew Event: How To Catch The Mythical Pokémon

Niantic added Special Research tasks to Pokémon GO this week, presenting the chance to catch Mew for the first time in the location-based game. After studying Pokémon and their habitats, Professor Willow has recently found some hints of something mysterious and asks for your help to discover the Mythical Pokémon. This will challenge you to work you...

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