Super Mario 64 Walkthrough: Bob-omb Battlefield Stars

Super Mario 64 Bob-omb Battlefield Screenshot

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is out now, and, with that, you may be looking to collect every Power Star in Super Mario 64‘s Bob-omb Battlefield.

You can enter Bob-omb Battlefield through the enchanted painting in the room behind the door that requires no Power Stars on the left-hand side of the main hall in Princess Peach’s castle.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 1: Big Bob-omb on the Summit

Make your way to the top of the mountain avoiding the likes of the giant chain chomp, falling water bombs and rolling balls along the way. Once you reach Big Bob-omb you’ll then need to grab him from behind and throw him three times. Make sure to not throw him off the mountain at any point or else you’ll need to restart the fight.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 2: Footrace with Koopa the Quick

Head over and talk to Koopa the Quick, he’s right near the start so you can’t miss him. He will challenge you to a race to the top of the mountain. Just follow the same path you took to reach the summit with the first Power Star. While Koopa the Quick will accuse you of cheating if you use any of the cannons, you are able to use the warp found inside the first small alcove as you make your way up the mountain. Simply stand at the back wall and you’ll teleport to the alcove near the top.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 3: Shoot to the Island in the Sky

You’ll see a floating island high above in the sky and to reach it you’ll need to use the cannon found on a tall rock in the field just before reaching the chain chomp. Jump in and aim the cannon at the island. You should be able to see the top of a tree, aim above this to prevent Mario overshooting. The Power Star is found within the block.

Super Mario 64 Chain Chomp Screenshot

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 4: Find the 8 Red Coins

Every course has eight red coins to find so get used to seeing this challenge. You’ll find them:

  1. Head straight at the start and you’ll see it above the moving platforms.
  2. On top of the tall dark rock in the field just beyond the first coin.
  3. On the Chain Chomp’s wooden post.
  4. After crossing the bridge near the chain chomp next to four posts you’ll find two red coins together.
  5. On top of the tree on the floating island.
  6. Just after going through the gate at the base of the mountain instead of going right through the rolling balls go straight up the grassy hill.
  7. Before the gate leading to the mountain head down beneath and you’ll find the coin next to a purple switch.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 5: Mario Wings to the Sky

Head back to the floating island and grab yourself the Wing Cap before then dropping into the cannon. Your goal now is to fire at the rings of yellow coins grabbing the middle one for each of the five (you’ll know you’ve successfully grabbed one as a number will appear on screen). Once you’ve collected all five the Power Star will appear.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 6: Behind Chain Chomp’s Gate

The Chain Chomp will be chained up to a wooden post in the ground. You’ll need to ground pound the post three times in order to release Chain Chomp who will then release the Power Star from behind the bars.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 7: Collect 100 Coins

This is as simple as it sounds. You will need to collect 100 Coins in Bob-omb Battlefield, at which point the Power Star will appear once you secure the final Coin.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is now available exclusively at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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