Mario Tennis Aces Review Header

Mario Tennis Aces Review In Progress

Let’s be honest, Mario’s recent tennis antics aren’t what they used to be. What was once a series enjoyed for its unique take on the much-loved sport has continued to lose a lot of its charm and creat...

Death Road to Canada Review Header

Death Road To Canada Review

I have to give props to Rocketcat Games for creating a game that somehow feels familiar, but so unique at the same time. I know that sounds slightly strange to hear, but that really is the way it feel...

8 Great
Sling Ming Review Header

Sling Ming Review

I was really enjoying Sling Ming for the first couple of hours. It struck me as a very smart puzzle game which was doing something very unique. The opening of the game allowed me to choose between tou...

6 Fair
Just Shapes And Beats Review Header

Just Shapes And Beats Review

While everyone might be currently focused on the future of gaming with E3 2018 having not long finished, the present is still very much active too, the Nintendo eShop constantly getting a healthy dose...

9 Amazing
Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated Review Header

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated Review

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated is barely a game. Whether relying on touch controls or buttons, the majority of your time will be spent holding down your finger until a gauge fills and a shell is...

4 Poor
Iro Hero Review Header

Iro Hero Review

An alien race known as the Nyagu have granted humans with the ability to self-obtain electricity in order to solve a global energy crisis. However, enterprises soon find a way to enslave the less fort...

6 Fair
West Of Loathing Review Header

West Of Loathing Review

The use of stick figures in West of Loathing might, for some, be a little off-putting. It’s an odd visual style in a world seemingly obsessed with high polygon counts and 4K fidelity. However, the cho...

9 Amazing
It's Spring Again Review Header

It’s Spring Again Review

Introducing young children to gaming can be a much trickier task than it initially may seem. Not necessarily because they don’t want to play video games, of course. It’s more the case that...

2 Awful
ICEY Review Header

ICEY Review

Go ahead, scroll down. Go straight to the trailer attached to the bottom of the review and look directly at the final score. Forget about what actually goes into the writing and all the hard work that...

8 Great

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