Football Manager Touch 2018 Review Header

Football Manager Touch 2018 Review

I think it’s fair to say that I have played my fair share of football management games over the years. From back when it was known as Championship Manager in the 90’s-early 00’s, to the LMA games on P...

8 Great
I, Zombie Review Header

I, Zombie Review

I, Zombie’s premise is a curious one. Where most video games featuring the undead have you take on the role of the living with a whole assortment of weaponry to defend yourself, here you play as a mem...

6 Fair
Aegis Defenders Review Header

Aegis Defenders Review

I think Aegis Defenders suffers a little from an identity crisis and if I’m honest, it might be a good thing. On the surface, the game looks like a 2D platformer with puzzle elements. The pixel ...

8 Great
Word Search By POWGI Review Header

Word Search By POWGI Review

I love a good simple pen and paper puzzle. Whether it’s trying to figure out the last few squares of a Sudoku, racking my brains over what an eight letter word for tired is or shading in a grid to hop...

5 Average
Rogue Aces Review Header

Rogue Aces Review

Three planes, one pilot, a fleet full of enemies, and a Captain who’s happy enough to claim your fancy watch in the highly probable event of your demise. This is Rogue Aces, a rogue-lite arcade,...

9 Amazing
Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut Review Header

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut Review

Who would have thought you could create a puzzle game about a serial killer? And one that so succinctly apes the wonderfully cliché world of horror films from the late 20th century? Anyone who’s...

9 Amazing
Pinball FX3 Bethesda Pinball Artwork

Pinball FX3: Bethesda Pinball Review

With DOOM and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim already settling comfortably on the Nintendo Switch, it was only a matter of time until the licensed Bethesda Pinball collection would finally make its way in...

8 Great
Bingo For Nintendo Switch Review Header

BINGO For Nintendo Switch Review

Bingo has made it to Nintendo Switch. This simple number based pastime is something many of us have likely played at some point in our lives be it as kids, down the local bingo hall with a few drinks ...

2 Awful
Lode Runner Legacy Review Header

Lode Runner Legacy Review

Two years after the original Donkey Kong hit the arcades, the late Douglas E. Smith brought his own set of ladders and platforms to the infancy of home gaming entertainment. It was called Lode Runner ...

8 Great

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