Nintendo Direct Mini: All The Nintendo Switch News You Need To Know


Nintendo sprung a surprise on the world with a Nintendo Direct Mini, and, for those wanting to make sure that they haven’t missed anything, we’ve summarised all the Nintendo Switch news that was shared in one handy post!

Survive A Deadly Game In The World Ends With You -Final Remix- On Nintendo Switch

The World Ends With You -Final Remix- brings the nearly 10-year-old Nintendo DS classic over to Switch, this time with updated HD visuals, options for both Joy-Con and touchscreen controls and a new epilogue revealing more of the game’s story. Only a vague 2018 date for this one sadly, but one that will be worth the wait.

Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack Adds Aegislash, Blastoise And More

The Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack will see two new fighters enter the arena through DLC – the sword-slinging Aegislash and fan favourite Blastoise. The Battle Pack will also add new Support Pokemon sets in Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu, as well as Mew and Celebi, and new avatar cosmetics.

Create Powerful Friend Abilities In Kirby Star Allies On Nintendo Switch This March

Kirby Star Allies received a release date of March 16th, and a new trailer also revealed new copy abilities for the little pink hero including Artist and Spider. Friend abilities also allow you to combine copied powers and create unique effects – ice and water, for example, will form icicle lances. Up to four players can team up in this 2D platforming adventure.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Charges Into Battle On Nintendo Switch In Spring 2018

Wii U hit Hyrule Warriors makes the leap over to Switch with a new Definitive Edition – compiling every mission, map and character from both the Nintendo 3DS and home console versions as well as all its downloadable content. Also included are Link and Zelda outfits based on their Breath of the Wild looks. The game launches in spring.

Intense Rallies Await In Mario Tennis Aces On Nintendo Switch In Spring 2018

Mario hits the courts on Switch this spring with Mario Tennis Aces. The plumber and crew this time around sport slick new tennis attire while promising “new wrinkles in tennis gameplay”. Perhaps the most promising feature of all, however, is a new story mode said to include boss battles, challenges and more. One to keep an eye on for sure.

Change History In Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of DANA On Nintendo Switch

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, besides being a rather difficult title to say aloud, is a game RPG fans will want to keep their eye on. The game follows the character Adol, shipwrecked on a dangerous deserted island as you then enlist the help of other stranded passengers in order to survive and uncover the mystery of the cursed island. This one is pencilled for the summer.

Free Super Mario Odyssey Update Adds Luigi’s Balloon World

Super Mario Odyssey will receive a free software update in February that will add a new mini-game called Luigi’s Balloon World. This additional mode will feature two games. The first called “Hide It” will give you 30 seconds to hide a balloon anywhere in one of the game’s worlds while “Find It” challenges you to find balloons hidden by others online. Also included will be three new outfits for Mario – Sunshine Shades, Musician hat and Knights armour.

Pair Up In SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy On Nintendo Switch

SNK announced a brand new fighter for Switch – SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. Pitting SNK’s iconic cast of female fighters against each other in tag team battles matches feature special items as well as Dream Finishes to end a match in style. With online modes, spectator mode and plenty of customisable items to unlock this fighter looks like it could be a winner for fans of the genre.

Payday 2 Scores Timed Exclusive Character And CRIME.NET Local Play On Nintendo Switch

Payday 2 for Switch is little over a month away with the newest version of the game offering touch support, a newly developed HD Rumble feature, local multiplayer and a new timed-exclusive character called Joy – a computer hacker with a customisable LED mask. It’s out on February 23rd in Europe and February 27th in North America.

Donkey Kong Smashes His Way Into Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The crossover no one knew they needed in their life gets new story content with everyone’s favourite gorilla taking the starring role. Set in a new world, the brutish Donkey Kong should present an interesting move set not to mention bring his own goofy charm to the Rabbids world. He’ll answer the call of the jungle drums in spring.

Funky Kong Returns In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze On Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong, not being content with just a guest appearance in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, brings Wii U platformer Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze over to Switch too. The game launches May 4th and will include Funky Kong as a new playable character complete with a double jump, hovering and infinite rolls and swimming corkscrews.

Uncover The Silent Ones’ Secrets In Fe On Nintendo Switch Next Month

The Nintendo Direct Mini wasn’t without a couple of indie features, Fe being the first to make an appearance. From Swedish developer Zoink Games, this stunning adventure sees you exploring a Nordic forest using sound to communicate with and befriend other animals along your journey. The game will release on February 16th.

Survive Your Inner Demons In Celeste On Nintendo Switch

From the developer of the excellent couch multiplayer Towerfall comes Celeste, a single-player platformer that sees you travelling up a Mountain of the same name. Sporting a neat pixelated look, this secret-packed adventure hits Nintendo Switch on January 25th.

Prepare To Die In Dark Souls: Remastered On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Direct Mini ended on a high note with the announcement of the hard as nails Dark Souls: Remastered. As well as the full original adventure, the game will also include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC and support six players online. Prepare to throw your Switch in frustration when the game launches on May 25th.

Watch The Nintendo Direct Mini: January 2018

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