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Link’s Classic Tunic added to Hyrule Warriors

Koei Tecmo Games have sneakily added the Link’s Classic Tunic costume to Hyrule Warriors. The costume, which takes inspiration from artwork drawn for The Legend of Zelda, has been released to ce...


Hyrule Warriors updated to Version 1.6.1

If you thought that it was only the Nintendo 3DS that was treated to stability improvements, think again. Koei Tecmo Games have today pushed live a minor update to Hyrule Warriors, that brings the Wii...


Hyrule Warriors brought “freshness” to the Dynasty Warriors series

Koei Tecmo producer Akihiro Suzuki has discussed how their opportunity to fuse Dynasty Warriors with Nintendo’s incomparable The Legend of Zelda has brought “some freshness” to the s...


Hyrule Warriors update version 1.6.0 now available

With the Boss Pack unleashing Ganon’s Fury upon Europe and Japan this week, Hyrule Warriors has received a new update upgrading the Wii U exclusive to version 1.6.0. This raises the maximum warr...


New Boss Pack for Hyrule Warriors unleashes Ganon’s Fury

Players will take on Ganon’s beastly form in the new Boss Pack for Hyrule Warriors, the fourth DLC that Koei Tecmo Games have delivered for the Wii U exclusive. The Boss Pack will comprise of tw...


Hyrule Warriors update 1.5.0 now available

With Europe and Japan having been treated to the Majora’s Mask Pack today, Koei Tecmo Games have nudged live a new Hyrule Warriors update. Bringing the game to version 1.5.0, this improves the W...


Hyrule Warriors has shipped 1 million copies worldwide

Koei Tecmo Games previously shared their desire to see Hyrule Warriors surpass one million sales worldwide, and the Wii U exclusive is steadily building toward such goal. Siliconera reports that the c...


Tingle and Young Link ready for action in Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo have revealed that the penultimate Majora’s Mask Pack will introduce Tingle and Young Link to Hyrule Warriors as playable characters. Tingle is an obsessive, thirty-five year old man th...


Twili Midna joins the fray in Hyrule Warriors’ Twilight Princess Pack

We weren’t quite sure what was coming next after Epona‘s appearance in Hyrule Warriors, but today Nintendo have announced that Twili Midna will be introduced as a playable character in the...

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