PlatinumGames Must “Raise The Bar” With Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Screenshot

PlatinumGames has expressed their understanding that Bayonetta 3 must be “leaps and bounds above” Bayonetta 2, acknowledging that they must “raise the bar” to meet fan expectation for the sequel.

Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya were speaking at Reboot Develop 2018, where they held a “Beyond the Climax: Taking action towards the future” presentation.

“Bayonetta 2 was a fantastic title and they need to make sure this is leaps and bounds above that,” Eurogamer reports the translator had relayed. “They know that the fans expect crazier, better, tighter action games. If they’re going to put out Bayonetta 3, it’s going to have to raise the bar.”

While they were wary to say too much about the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Inaba explained that Bayonetta 3 represents a turning point for how the developer makes games. It will still be a linear core progression action game, but PlatinumGames have also wanted to introduce something new.

Kamiya has previously spoken about how Bayonetta 3 would not exist without Nintendo, after it was announced at The Game Awards 2017.

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