Sonic Mania Official Select Soundtrack Hits iTunes, Google Play And Amazon

SEGA has released the Sonic Mania Official Select Soundtrack digitally on iTunes (UK and US), Google Play, and Amazon. The 47-strong tracklist was penned by composer Tee Lopes, who had initially looke...


You Can Now Transform Into Super Sonic In Sonic Forces

SEGA has released Super Sonic as free downloadable content for Sonic Forces on the Nintendo eShop, letting you blaze a trail through levels faster than Sonic ever could. Once players have collected th...


Sonic Forces Receives Free “Sanic” T-Shirts DLC

SEGA has released free downloadable content for Sonic Forces, in presenting players with more clothing options to dress their Custom Hero Character with. That comes in free “Sanic” T-shirt...


Sonic Forces Review

It’s no secret that Sonic’s 3D adventures have seen their fair share of both impressive highs and shocking lows over the years. For every creative and extremely fun Sonic Colours or Sonic Generations,...

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Sonic Forces Update Version 1.0.1 Now Available

SEGA has released a new software update for Sonic Forces on Nintendo Switch, seeing the game now on version 1.0.1. This primarily introduces support for downloadable content which has started with the...


3D Out Run

Out Run is the critically-acclaimed 1986 driving game designed by Yu Suzuki, re-mastered and enhanced for Nintendo 3DS. 3D Out Run includes all of Out Run’s original content, alongside two ne...


3D Gunstar Heroes

Treasure’s visually stunning side-scrolling shooter, Gunstar Heroes is now re-mastered in 3D! Take advantage of Gunslinger Mode by choosing between FREE and FIXED shot modes on the fly and cycli...


Sonic Forces Propaganda Sees Dr. Eggman Recruit Robots For His Evil Empire

With Sonic Forces nearing release next week, SEGA has announced that the evil genius Eggman and the world’s edgiest hedgehog Shadow have taken over the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter accoun...


3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic is here to save the day, and this time he’s got help from his friend Tails! Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik) is back and is planning on building his ultimate weapon, the Death Egg. To do so, ...

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