The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Will Release In October

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Screenshot

Jackbox Games has announced when The Jackbox Party Pack 5 will release on Nintendo Switch, what the developer enthuses will be the biggest Party Pack yet with five party-saving new games.

That marks the return of the classic pop culture trivia mash-up You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream (1-8 players), as well as new additions in the game of hilarious hypotheticals Split the Room (3-8 players), the lyric-writing, robot rap battle Mad Verse City (3-8 players), the inventive drawing game Patently Stupid (3-8 players), and the outer space fling-fest Zeeple Dome (1-6 players).

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in October.

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