Mad Verse City Revealed For The Jackbox Party Pack 5

Mad Verse City The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Screenshot

Jackbox Games has revealed Mad Verse City as the third game that you will be able to play in The Jackbox Party Pack 5, the first two having been You Don’t Know Jack and Split The Room.

This will challenge you to write sick rhymes that your MC avatar will then rap back out loud. Those worried that they will struggle to scribble down any lyrics, there are “Write for Me” and “Suggestions” to help you when you’re off your game.

“Giant robots have invaded, and they want one thing: to set the city ablaze with their best verses,” Jackbox Games explains.

“Thankfully, all citizens of Mad Verse City are out of town, except for a thirsty and rambunctious crowd and our esteemed hosts, Chicago legend Shadow Master MC and his sidekick, DJ Raych.

“They’re going to do their best to referee this competition as these Titan MCs let loose on the mic. At stake are mountains of cash, and the respect of whatever is left of the city when they’re done. Join them this fall to decide who is the greatest in Mad Verse City!”

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Fall 2018.

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