FAST RMX Update Version 1.3 Adds New REMIX Tracks And Cups


Shin’en Multimedia has released a new software update for FAST RMX, introducing free content to the futuristic racer on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Life has reported what is included in what the developer has called the REMIX Update, that will become available worldwide later today.

The main addition comes in the six new tracks that, as the name implies, are crossovers. That, for example, has seen the Shin’en blend Scorpio Circuit with Willard Mine to create the new track, Scorpio Mine – taking the sandworm attacks from one and adding them to the roller coaster-like environments in the other.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the futuristic racer, writing in our review: “FAST RMX is a game that you have to get if you like your futuristic racers, and even if you don’t. While sometimes in the single player it feels like the AI is completely stacked against you, it’s a fun game – especially with friends.”

Changes Made In FAST RMX Update Version 1.3

Introduced six REMIX Tracks and two REMIX Cups:

  • Titanium Cup
    • Tepaneca Haze
    • Chuoku Habitat
    • Ice Coast
  • Iridium Cup
    • Cameron Raceway
    • Sunahara Valley
    • Scorpio Mine

Improvements to the gameplay experience:

  • The CPU-driver AI has been improved.
  • A hang on the loading screen that happened when your Switch wasn’t powered down for a month has been resolved.
  • Friend Online plays are now shown in yours.
  • Switch console ‘Friend Activity log.’
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