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More Nintendo 3DS, Wii U And Nintendo Switch Games Discounted In Festive Offers 2017 Promotion

As promised, Nintendo of Europe has announced further games for Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS that have been discounted on the Nintendo eShop as part of the Festive Offers 2017 promotion. T...


FAST RMX Update Version 1.3 Adds New REMIX Tracks And Cups

Shin’en Multimedia has released a new software update for FAST RMX, introducing free content to the futuristic racer on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Life has reported what is included in what the d...


In a time when WipEout and F-Zero are no more, we often wonder where we can go for our fast sci-fi racing fix and Shin’en Multimedia has provided the answer with FAST RMX. This remixes the well-...

9 Amazing

FAST RMX And Shovel Knight Join Nintendo Switch Launch Line-Up

With the Nintendo Switch launch date nearing, Nintendo has announced two more games will be available on the Nintendo eShop this week. That will be Shin’en Multimedia’s FAST RMX, their lig...

FAST RMX Brings High-Octane Anti-Grav Racing To Nintendo Switch

Shin’en Multimedia has announced that lightning-fast arcade racer FAST RMX will release as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Building on the success that FAST Racing NEO was met with, it will invite ...

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