Ubisoft: Nintendo NX Is A “Fantastic Machine” With A “New Approach”


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot hasn’t shied away from sharing his enthusiasm about supporting Nintendo NX, especially in admitting that he has high hopes that it stands a chance at recapturing a casual audience.

Now, Guillemot has spoken once again about the new dedicated game platform at an Ubisoft presentation.

“The new Nintendo [console] is a fantastic machine,” Guillemot shared. “It’s really a new approach, it’s really Nintendo, [which is] coming with something new again. We love it.”

Just Dance 2017 is already confirmed for release on Nintendo NX, and, having previously teased that the publisher has “surprises” in store for the console, Guillemot reiterated to GameSpot that they were “working on some [other] projects” for it.

When later asked as to why Ubisoft has such faith in Nintendo, he shared that the impact that new hardware has on consumers and the opportunities that it allows.

“What we see is, players are more open when new hardware is coming,” Guillemot explained. “So we have the chance to come with something we have never done before, because we know that if we are the first there, people will try our game and maybe we’ll be able to get into that new genre. As our people wanted to do a game like ZombiU, they were happy they could just use the Wii U to do it. For us, a machine is a tool of expression, but when everything become stable it’s less open to innovation. We always want innovation.

“However, if you try something a little new and it’s not perfect, you come back quickly to what you know and works. As a gamer, if you change to new hardware, you have no references, so you’re looking at what people are saying are [the best games] and then trying them.

“But if you have an [established] machine and there’s all the experiences you know on there already, you know you’re going to miss some of those to try something new, so you’re less inclined. For us, we know opportunities to try something new are a lot more rewarding when it’s a new machine.”

Nintendo NX is scheduled to launch worldwide in March 2017.

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