Ubisoft Move To Silence Beyond Good & Evil 2 Rumour


Ubisoft has moved to silence a rumour that emerged last week regarding Beyond Good & Evil 2, which had seen sources claim that the game has become a Nintendo NX exclusive.

It had suggested that Nintendo has penned a deal with Ubisoft that will see them help fund the game’s development, with the view that it can be secured as an exclusive for the platform’s 2017 release schedule.

Now, Destructoid’s UK managing editor Laura Kate Dale has shed more light not only on the sources behind her story, but also in how Ubisoft weren’t too pleased when it was published.

“So, today I ran a news story that Ubisoft apparently aren’t too happy with. They asked for it to be taken down, and they wouldn’t say why,” Dale shared on the Destructoid UK Podcast.

She continued, “What I can say about the sources on this is I detailed one of the sources as Geno, who has successfully leaked stuff in the past but there are issues with their most recent batch of leaks.

“The other source I used is one of the two sources through whom I confirmed the existence of [Until Dawn] Rush of Blood. Now, I detailed one of those is a source in QA Testing, I have not detailed where the other came from. But, the other source I had on the Rush of Blood announcement – which I announced 10 days before it was announced at Paris Game Week – that source was able to confirm some important bits of information to back this up. So, I’m just going to say that much!”

Nintendo NX’s reveal has been promised this year, with recent rumours mentioning Unity and Unreal Engine 4 support, Super Smash Bros. as a launch title and component supplier Macronix suggesting that it would release in 2016.

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