Travel The Galaxy In RPG Asdivine Menace On Nintendo Switch This Week

Asdivine Menace Logo

KEMCO and Exe Create have announced that Asdivine Menace will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

In this epic fantasy RPG, you must travel the galaxy to “bring the truth full circle.” It takes place a century after Asdivine Dios, and peace has settled in.

However, when a visitor from another world appears to proclaim that the entire universe is about to be destroyed, Izayoi sets out to reverse such fate.

With turn-based battles in which you can use cooperative attacks and limit break skills, you will have a chance to collect and craft, participate in the battle arena, and sink more time into post-game content.

Asdivine Menace will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 5th priced at £11.69 ($12.99).

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