The Mountains Call You In Valley Peaks On Nintendo Switch

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Those Awesome Guys and Tub Club have announced that their first-person rock-climbing platformer Valley Peaks is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set in a pastel mountain range filled with ribbiting villagers, you play as a technician who has been newly assigned to the peaks.

With the chance to explore to your heart’s content and attempt to overcome seemingly impossible challenges, between climbs you can chat with froggy folk, take on side quests to fill out stamp cards to unlock new equipment or kick back with minigames.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • A unique climbing mechanic that tasks you with honing your climbing skills to overcome various obstacles, such as fake rocks, swinging lanterns, and much more.
  • Place all of the radio towers atop these steep peaks while escaping the city for a mountain paradise.
  • Complete climbing routes to fill out stamp cards and earn rewards from the local climbing club.
  • Explore a beautiful and relaxing miniature open world complete with gorgeous backdrops.
  • Unlock an array of gadgets, including a glider to soar around this beautiful world and give your arms a rest.
  • Meet an array of froggy friends, from shop owners to laidback dudes to fellow climbing enthusiasts.
  • Master fun minigames and repair broken machines around the world between climbs.
  • Earn as many golden mushrooms as you can, the currency of choice in Valley Peaks.

Valley Peaks will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2024.

Valley Peaks Trailer

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