The Play! Pokémon Podcast Episode 1 Now Available

The Play! Pokemon Podcast Logo

The Pokémon Company International has launched The Play! Pokémon Podcast, a new weekly podcast that will cover the world of competitive Pokémon play.

Hosted by Jay Blake with contributions from a panel of experts in Brendan “Burnside” Hansen, Kyle Sucevich, Kay Dyson, Mia Violet, and Scott Glaza, the podcast will release every Wednesday up until 9th September 2020.

The first episode has discussions around stats for featured Pokémon and decks in weeks 1-3 of the Pokémon Players Cup for VGC and TCG, players that have qualified for the finals of Pokkén Tournament DX, and a Question of the Week that serves up some odd answers to a culinary-based query.

You can catch The Play! Pokémon Podcast on The Official Pokémon YouTube channel or on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Pocket Casts.

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