Team Sonic Racing Guide: Six Tips To Get Ahead In The Kart Racer

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Team Sonic Racing is another fine entry in Sumo Digital’s SEGA-based kart racer series and just like those, there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn if you want to pose a threat on the track. Here’s six ways you can gain the edge in Sonic’s latest.

Know Your Classes

Each class in the game has its own pros and cons and it’s worth giving each a shot to see which one best suits you. The speed racers for example – rather unsurprisingly – tends to be the fastest but at the cost of a lower defense. Boosts will also send out a shockwave destroying any incoming weapons too. Technique characters meanwhile allow players to race off road without losing speed making them a great choice for those who love to cut corners or those new to the game. Lastly the power class may be a little wider on corners but offer excellent defensive and boosting stats. This makes them perfect for players who have mastered the art of drifting.

What’s great about Team Sonic Racing is teams can consist of any assortment of characters and classes so really who you race as is entirely up to you.

Seeing Red

While nailing an enemy with a rocket or tripping them up with a cube Wisp is certainly satisfying, if you manage to do so to your rival team (the team directly above yours in the overall standings), then you’ll earn yourself some extra Team Ultimate meter. They’re highlighted with a red outline so pretty hard to miss.

While helping your companions is often a good idea if they’re struggling, it’s also worth taking a shot at any rival team members if you get a chance since this will also reward you too (not to mention bring them to a grinding halt).

Sharing Is Caring

Other kart racers have taught us that when we have an item we should use it. To excel in Team Sonic Racing you’ll want to do the opposite. In fact, you’ll want to give your items away. Not only do you gain access to better Wisps when passed to a teammate, but they’ll also fill your Team Ultimate meter too. Why settle for a single orange rocket Wisp when you could pass it to you pal and they receive three of them or three white boost Wisps or even the pink protective spike Wisp.

Sure using items is a large part of the fun in any kart racer, but in Team Sonic Racing, make sure to send a few to the rest of your team for more powerful and plentiful Wisps.

Juggle Items

So we’ve already highlighted how transferring items benefits your team in some real big ways but if you want to see your Team Ultimate meter fill up quickly keep sending them back and forth over and over. While this means your team won’t be able to use said item, it does mean the time it takes to earn a Team Ultimate is reduced massively. There’s no limit to how many times you can transfer an item so be sure to take advantage of that.

Quick! Use Team Ultimate!

Wisps are great for going on the offensive during a race but it’s the Team Ultimate abilities that prove to be the best tool at your disposal offering both a great boost in speed and invincibility. While it may be tempting to save one for a certain point in the race (the final dash to the finish line for example) really the best course of action is to use it quickly. Bear in mind there are three other teams who are also able to use their own Team Ultimate abilities throughout the race too and chances are they won’t hesitate.

Using your Team Ultimate will also empty your meter ready for you to start filling again immediately with more teamwork-based actions. Instead of saving your ability to use once you could potentially – if your teamwork is strong enough – earn three or more of them in a single race.

Triple Power

On the topic of the Team Ultimate, be sure to coordinate between your team so all three of you use them at the same time. Doing so will extend the amount of time you’re all in Team Ultimate.

Team Sonic Racing is now available for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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