Team Sonic Racing Characters, Teams And Types: Speed, Power And Technique

Team Sonic Racing Characters Selection Screenshot

Team Sonic Racing has sped into stores around the world this week, and, with that, many are wondering which are the best characters and teams to race as.

There are five teams in the games – Team Amy, Team Dark, Team Eggman, Team Sonic, and Team Vector – that each have three characters, which themselves can be broken down into three types – Speed, Power, and Technique.


Speed-type characters can more easily take the lead thanks to having a higher top speed and can cast a radial burst that destroys any incoming missiles, and have the Burst Wisp as an exclusive pick-up item.

The five Speed-type characters and their respective teams are:

Amy (Team Amy)
Blaze (Team Vector)
Metal Sonic (Team Eggman)
Shadow (Team Dark)
Sonic (Team Sonic)


Power-type characters can smash obstacles without slowing down and earn bonus Rings, have a higher defense compared to other characters, can speed ahead with an added boost, and have exclusive pick-up items in the Spikes and Void Wisps.

The five Power-type characters and their respective teams are:

Big the Cat (Team Amy)
Knuckles (Team Sonic)
E-123 Omega (Team Dark)
Vector (Team Vector)
Zavok (Team Eggman)


Technique-type characters can perform corner turns more precisely with improved handling, attract Rings more easily like a magnet, lose less speed when driving across dangerous terrain, and have access to the Rhythm Wisp as an exclusive pick-up item.

The five Technique-type characters and their respective teams are:

Chao (Team Amy)
Eggman (Team Eggman)
Rouge (Team Dark)
Silver (Team Vector)
Tails (Team Sonic)

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