Super Mario Odyssey Version 1.2.0 Adds Luigi’s Balloon World Mini-Game


Nintendo has released a new software update for Super Mario Odyssey, which adds the new Luigi’s Balloon World mini-game.

After you talk to Luigi in any kingdom you can take part in Hide It mode, where you are given a limited amount of time to hide a balloon. And then, in Find It mode, you have the same amount of time to locate balloons that have been hidden by other players from around the world.

You have the chance to move up in rank by finding hidden balloons and becoming expert hiders – placing balloons that people will struggle to discover within the time limit.

The update has also added new outfits like the Sunshine Shades and Outfit, Musician Hat and Outfit, and Knight Helmet and Armor, as well as new filters for Snapshot Mode.

Super Mario Odyssey Version 1.2.0 Patch Notes
* After completing the game a new mini-game “Balloon World” will now be playable.
* Talk to Luigi in any of the kingdoms to start playing.
* After completing the game, a number of special outfits will be added to the shop.
* A number of new filters have been added to Snapshot Mode.
* Jump-Rope Challenge has been adjusted so that there will be a speed change after reaching 110 jumps.
* World Rankings and Friend Rankings have been reset for Jump-Rope Challenge.
* Best records will not be reset.
* Fixed a number of issues to improve the gameplay experience.

Alex Seedhouse
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