Sonic Lost World’s The Legend of Zelda Zone releases today


Having already seen crossover content with NiGHTS into Dreams and Yoshi’s Island, SEGA have revealed The Legend of Zelda Zone as the latest downloadable content to arrive for Sonic Lost World.

This second free stage, which will be available through Wii U’s Nintendo eShop today, sees Sonic don Link’s iconic green tunic as he sets out on adventure.

The trailer and gameplay commentary below will provide you with a greater impression, but the Zone takes plenty of inspiration from Link’s many quests. Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess lies in the background, Skyward Sword’s Link swoops by on his Loftwing, and enemy Stalchilds are plucked from Ocarina of Time. Throw in rupees, chests and Pieces of Heart, and it already impresses more than the rather straightforward interpretation that the Yoshi’s Island Zone delivered.

As of December 31st, Sonic Lost World had achieved sales of 640,000 units across Wii U and 3DS worldwide, the game soon to be followed by Sonic Boom.

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