Sonic Boom exploit lets you complete the game in under an hour


While Assassin’s Creed Unity’s launch has dominated headlines this week due to a restrictive embargo and laughably remarkable bugs and glitches, SEGA’s Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has been met with an equally awkward situation.

Critics are largely yet to share their opinions on the Wii U exclusive, but YouTube and Twitch have been heavily populated by fans keen to put the blue blur’s latest through its paces.

That’s resulted in unexpected discoveries, namely by frequent speedrunner DarkspinesSonic who found that players could chain special attacks by opening the pause menu between button presses. With Knuckles, such move launches the Echidna skyward remarkably allowing players to smash through level boundaries to fly over the majority of the game.

The danger is that it can crash the game, and prevent levels from rendering correctly. However that exploit has allowed Twitch streamer Parax0 to beat Rise of Lyric in just 51 minutes, a mighty effort for his fourth playthrough of the Wii U title.

[Thanks Joystiq]
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