Shark Jump Studios Helping With Hollow Knight On Nintendo Switch

Hollow Knight Image

After news emerged that Hollow Knight was in development for Nintendo Switch, Team Cherry soon admitted that it could take them up to a year to release the game on the console.

“It will take time. Probably between 6-12 months if I had to guess,” the developer had shared in April. “We’re still looking into porting options but I’m just trying to be conservative with my estimates. Team Cherry is a small team, so these things will take time.”

Now, they have rallied Shark Jump Studios to speed up that process, to help with testing and polish.

“They’re an Adelaide based coding/development team, and we’ve brought them on-board specifically to help us get Hollow Knight’s Switch version tested, polished and ready for it’s console debut,” Team Cherry explained. “Between the two teams, expect Hollow Knight to land on Switch in a not crazy (though still unspecified!) period of time.”

Hollow Knight will release on Nintendo Switch in 2017.

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