Hollow Knight Descends Into Darkness On Nintendo Switch

Hollow Knight Image

Team Cherry has announced that Hollow Knight is now in development for Nintendo Switch after “several technical challenges” have hampered plans to release the 2D action-adventure on Wii U.

That decision was not “taken lightly,” but the Australian developer had worried that those that played on Wii U would have experienced “a lesser version of the game.”

With a world constructed from hand-drawn art, players explore an ancient, forgotten kingdom that lies beneath the town of Dirtmouth. You will befriend bizarre beasts on your adventure, while taking on terrifying beasts and grotesque bugs.

“There’s just one major question we keep being asked ‘Is Hollow Knight coming to the Nintendo Switch?’,” the developer shared in an update.

“We’ve had a long conversation with Nintendo and given their recent reveals, we can now announce: Hollow Knight is making the switch to Nintendo’s new portable/home/hybrid platform!

“That’s both sad and happy news for us. Though we can confirm the Switch as a release platform, we also have to confirm that Hollow Knight will no longer make its way to the Wii U. That’s not a step we’ve taken lightly.

“Our Wii U release has recently been hampered by several technical challenges and though we’d love to see Hollow Knight on our favourite console, we feel the quality difference would end up such that Wii U players will be experiencing a lesser version of the game.

“We’re aiming to release the Switch version of Hollow Knight not too long after the platform’s launch.”

Hollow Knight will release on Nintendo Switch in 2017.

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