SEGA: Sonic is the “right fit” for Wii U

sonic the hedgehog

Sonic Team’s head Takashi Iizuka has described the Wii U as the “right fit” for SEGA’s iconic blue hedgehog.

He reasons that Sonic is a “kind of family experience game”, which suits the audience that Nintendo currently readily attract. SEGA saw the Wii as a success, and see similar potential with the forthcoming Wii U.

“The Wii was an extremely successful platform”, Iizuka expressed to Eurogamer. “It was totally global. It went into the families that maybe would not have picked up a home console before. It created that living room experience with families, and it had great success.

“Now, adding the controller, and in a sense upgrading the Wii, it has got potential to further that and increase its customer base.

“I feel Sonic is the right fit because it is that kind of family experience game. I do feel Wii U is applicable to Sonic. But how we will apply using the controller to Sonic is something we’re still thinking about at the moment”.

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