SEGA Plans “Revival Of Major IPs”


SEGA is exploring the “revival of major IPs,” outlining their intention in the company’s Road to 2020 business strategy presentation.

That appears as a bullet point under their plans for packaged games alongside expanding existing and obtaining new IPs on PC, building the company’s revenue base through outsourced development, to create new IP and effectively utilise development engines.

After restructuring the business, SEGA shared that “profit is on a recovery trend” and outline their continued mission is to “create moving experiences.” With a desire to “be a game changer” in the industry, it is unclear which IP in their past catalogue that they intend to return to.

SEGA hopes that their actions will result in the company increasing sales to 500 billion yen and their operating incoming to 75 billion yen by March 2020. For comparison, this past year saw the company score 366.9 billion yen in sales to make 29.5 billion yen operating income.

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