SEGA Mega Drive Classic Mini Turns Back Time In 2018

SEGA Mega Drive Classic Mini Photo

SEGA has announced plans to release a SEGA Mega Drive Classic Mini (or SEGA Genesis Classic Mini) at the SEGA FES 2018 in Akihabara, Japan.

This miniaturised replica console has been created to celebrate the 30 years since the console was first released in Japan, on 29th October 1988. As with the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini, it will come with replica controllers and pre-installed games – although, SEGA hasn’t provided any more details at this time.

It isn’t the first time that SEGA has looked to tap into their history, having partnered with companies to create the SEGA Genesis Flashback, SEGA Mega Drive Classic Game Console, and the SEGA Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player, among others. But, this time around, it looks like they are handling everything themselves.

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