SEGA debunk Sonic Dimensions rumour

sonic dimensions

You may remember that last October saw rumours fly around the Internet regarding Sonic Generations, set for a Wii U release and a collaborative effort between SEGA and Nintendo.

Said to be a spiritual successor to Sonic Colours, the game would center upon a plot that saw Dr. Eggman cause a time-space continuum shift that would alter both Sonic and the surrounding world. He’d fine himself split into multiple personalities, denoted by colour, each with their own unique abilities.

Questioned as to whether he could say if such rumours were true, during a recent interview with SPOnG Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team, responded, “Sonic Dimensions? [Laughs] I think it’s a complete hoax. [Laughs]”

Case closed? We certainly think so, although we’re sure that Sonic will make his way to Wii U in some form.

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