Rumour: Street Fighter’s Ryu and Fire Emblem’s Roy to join Super Smash Bros.


Nintendo may have opened their Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, but it appears that they may have already begun working on new additions beyond Lucas.

Reddit user shinyquagsire23 has reportedly decrypted this week’s Version 1.0.6 update to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, revealing the addition of several new audio files:

– snd_bgm_F27_AIR_MoriStage_3DS.nus3bank
– snd_bgm_H12_BW_Sentou_Zekrom_Reshiram_3DS.nus3bank
– snd_bgm_SF01_SF2_Ryu_3DS.nus3bank
– snd_bgm_T09_SDX_PupupuLand_3DS.nus3bank
– snd_bgm_V01_PAC_PacMan_3DS.nus3bank
– snd_bgm_Z80_F_Mewtwo_3DS.nus3bank
– snd_bgm_Z81_F_Ryu_3DS.nus3bank
– snd_bgm_Z82_F_Lucas_3DS.nus3bank
– snd_bgm_Z83_F_Roy_3DS.nus3bank

Nestled in beside Mewtwo and Lucas files, those that have caught everyone’s attention refer to Fire Emblem’s Roy and Street Fighter’s Ryu – suggesting that the character’s may soon join the roster. These discovered audio files have since been hosted by The Cutting Room Floor, revealing Ryu’s as his Street Fighter II stage and victory themes, with Roy’s victory theme also being heard.

Without any confirmation from Nintendo themselves, we’ll mark this as a rumour for now – especially with efforts in recent months that tried to lead us to believe Rayman was incoming.

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  1. I really really hope Ryu makes it into Smash Bros! They already have Mega Man, so there’s no reason they can’t include Ryu in it, especially since he’s the face of the fighter genre. It would be awesome!

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