Rumor: Star Fox: Grand Prix Ignites G-Diffuser For Nintendo Direct Reveal

Star Fox Zero Key Art

We haven’t heard any more about it since it was rumored last year, but it sounds like we will at long last have the chance to learn more about Star Fox: Grand Prix in today’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

That’s according to Vergeben, the GameFAQs user who had originated the leak that was soon backed up by other websites. He has since been accurate in leaking multiple characters that went on to be revealed for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character roster.

“You’ll see Star Fox Grand Prix and a Pikmin 3 port tomorrow,” he writes. “I was first to ever talk about Star Fox Grand Prix openly which lead to tons of outlets confirming they heard about it too back then. It was one of the worst-kept secrets that everyone couldn’t wait to talk about.

“From what I hear you won’t be waiting too long for it to release as I am hearing spring & there is even a beta scheduled to happen soon after its announcement tomorrow.”

Retro Studios are said to be behind Star Fox: Grand Prix, which would be their first since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze released on Wii U.

It’s believed to be a spin-off racing game, likened to both Diddy Kong Racing and F-Zero. Fans soon noticed that the project’s concept sounded similar to The Curse of Pigma – one of several endings in Star Fox Command.

After Star Wolf takes everything from Fox, Falco comes up with the idea to retire as pilots and engineer their Arwings into racing machines. That soon saw them “enter the high-speed world of G-Zero Grand Prix racing.”

Whether it is revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct remains to be seen, but we don’t have long to wait until we find out.

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