Project Sonic 2017 Confirmed For Nintendo NX


As Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Party came to a close, the company chose to share a cinematic trailer for the next mainline game to star the blue hero.

Being developed under the codename Project Sonic 2017, it will star modern and classic Sonic and has been positioned as “a brand new experience” rather than a direct sequel to Sonic Generations.

With Sonic Team at the helm, little more was shared at this point in time. We see modern and classic Sonic running through a ruined world, with enormous robots targeting them with particularly menacing laser beams. It closes by inviting us to “join the resistance,” against whom that will be remaining unclear.

Earlier in Sonic’s party SEGA had revealed 2D platforming adventure Sonic Mania, although this isn’t currently speeding toward Nintendo NX.

Project Sonic 2017 will release on Nintendo NX, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Holiday 2017.

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  1. i don’t about sonic, it been dying after genesis (for me), did play sonic 4 epsiode 1, but that was okay.

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