Potata: Fairy Flower Coming To Nintendo Switch On June 6th

Potata: Fairy Flower Screenshot

OverGamez and Potata Company have announced that Potata: Fairy Flower will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

You will play as Potata in this puzzle-platformer game, an oddly-named young witch who sets out on an adventure deep into a magical forest in search of herself.

Immerse yourself into a picture-perfect fantasy – solve numerous puzzles, search for treasure, fight enemies, and reveal all the secrets.

This more than 10-hour picturesque fairy tale will see Potata grow from a novice witch-in-training to become the strongest witch in the village, with puzzles to solve, treasure to retrieve and secrets to reveal.

Potata: Fairy Flower will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 6th June 2020, with a 25 percent pre-purchase discount now available.

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