Piczle Lines DX Update Version 1.1 Introduces Horror Puzzle Pack


With Halloween approaching, Rainy Frog has released a free update for Piczle Lines DX that adds a new Horror puzzle pack to Puzzle Mode.

This introduces 20 new scary puzzles based on Count Dracula, Frankenstein, Rokurokubi, and a Skeleton, among others, meaning that there are now 360 puzzles in the game by our count.

We enjoyed racking our brains in this Nintendo eShop puzzler, writing in our Piczle Lines DX review: “Crammed with picture puzzles Piczle Lines DX feels at home on Nintendo Switch, where the console’s adaptability around your lifestyle will let you methodically chip away at the conundrums that it packs. It isn’t without its imperfections, but the puzzle-obsessed will find much to enjoy.”



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