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Piczle Lines DX Update Version 1.1 Introduces Horror Puzzle Pack

With Halloween approaching, Rainy Frog has released a free update for Piczle Lines DX that adds a new Horror puzzle pack to Puzzle Mode. This introduces 20 new scary puzzles based on Count Dracula, Fr...


Piczle Lines DX Review

The Nintendo Switch has quickly become home to many puzzle games, each looking to boggle the mind with their own twist on the genre. Whether that be outpacing your opponent’s efforts in Puyo Puy...

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Uncover Pictures In Piczle Lines DX On Nintendo Switch This Month

Rainy Frog has announced that Piczle Lines DX will release on Nintendo Switch this month, seeing the Piczle-Matic 3000 camera turn everything into pixels. The PICture puzZLE game will challenge player...


Piczle Lines DX Uncovers Hidden Pictures On Nintendo Switch

Rainy Frog has announced Piczle Lines DX for Nintendo Switch, a puzzler that will challenge players to connect numbers to reveal a hidden picture. To do so, you must follow three rules: draw a line to...

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