One Night: Burlesque Coming To Nintendo Switch

One Night: Burlesque Logo

RedDeer.Games has confirmed a release date for its noir visual novel One Night: Burlesque on Nintendo Switch.

Set in a luxurious club called Angels Den, you play as Holly – a charismatic dancer with mind-reading powers. When she hears a stray thought, her night is turned upside down and she must work to uncover the plan to murder her best friend.

There are mysteries to discover, choices to be made and three endings to reach, whether or not you choose to explore the game’s supernatural aspect.

“Holly’s ‘vision’ comes to her, because she is running out of meds that keep her ‘illness’ in check,” explains RedDeer.Games 2D artist Basia Leśniewska. “That’s why at the beginning she has no idea whose emotions/thoughts she just read.”

One Night: Burlesque will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 3 November 2023.

One Night: Burlesque Gameplay Trailer

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