Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Open At GameStop Across Europe


With the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 looming ever closer, retailers have started to open up the chance to place Nintendo Switch pre-orders.

GameSeek were first, slapping a £198.50 price tag on the home gaming system with a pre-order guarantee to lock it in. Argos recently opened pre-orders with a £299.999 price point as a placeholder, and, after rolling out their advertising, GameStop has joined the fray.

Their Ireland branch has listed Nintendo Switch pre-orders at €499.99 (£425), which is more than likely to be another placeholder price. This has rolled out across the retail chain’s European business, with the Italian arm listing the system for €399.98 (£340).

The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will broadcast at 8pm PT (11pm ET) on Thursday 12th January or 4am GMT (5am CET) on Friday 13th January.

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