Nintendo Switch Online Now Has Over 15 Million Subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online Logo

Nintendo has revealed that Nintendo Switch Online now has more than 15 million subscribers.

That means that, given that more than 52.48 million Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold worldwide, we can calculate that approximately 28 percent of owners have subscribed to the paid membership service.

Nintendo, however, is concerned about those that cancel their subscriptions and will look to “enhance” the service in bringing “more features and more fun” to the portable home console.

“One more point to mention is the more than 15 million accounts worldwide with a paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online, and those sales occupy a certain presence within our digital sales,” Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa explained at the recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing.

“But while new members continue to join, there are also those who do not renew their memberships.

“We will continue to enhance the appeal of the service to bring more features and more fun to Nintendo Switch.”

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