Nintendo Of Europe Announce Senior Management Changes

Nintendo Tom Enoki Photo

Nintendo of Europe has announced that Tom Enoki has joined the senior management team of Nintendo of Europe, based in Germany.

From 16th July 2022, Tom Enoki joined Nintendo of Europe as senior managing director and head of corporate planning office within the senior management team.

Luciano Pereña and Laurent Fischer remain as chief financial officer and chief marketing officer respectively, and along with Tom Enoki, will continue to support Nintendo of Europe president Stephan Bole.

With Tom Enoki joining Nintendo of Europe, former Nintendo of Europe CEO and chairman Koji Miyake has returned to Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.

“With our mission of putting smiles on people’s faces through unique entertainment experiences, Nintendo of Europe’s management structure is perfectly equipped to meet all challenges and deliver surprises to our customers in Europe,” explains Nintendo of Europe president Stephan Bole. “We welcome Tom to the Nintendo of Europe senior management team, and we thank Mr Miyake for his commitment and service in Europe and look forward to continuing working together.”

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