Nintendo NX Rumours Discredited In One Fell Swoop


At this point, I am as tired about reading Nintendo NX rumours as the rest of you. But, with anticipation continuing to swirl around the company’s next “dedicated game platform,” we try to report on those that seem to hold some truth.

NeoGAF user 10k has had their credibility called into question, the result of which has seen them temporarily banned from the infamous gaming forum.

Emily Rogers was first to discredit rumours that they had sparked relating to the hardware performance and second-screen controller, writing: “Here is what multiple sources close to Nintendo are telling me about 10k’s hardware rumors: ‘The gimmick is made up. GPU is wrong. Power level is wrong. The specs on NX are good, but a lot of the information being shared in this thread is incorrect.’

“I was told that NX has good specs, but the info in this thread on the GPU and power level is just not correct. Sorry to burst everyone’s hype.”

That was swiftly followed with a more damning expose by ZhugeEX, which revealed that he had only spoken to one developer with the other rumours having been collated by journalists. Arguing that a moderator allowed him to post them as long as they were contextualised, it shows that they were drawn from the same rumour mill that has been forever turning since late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata shared the codenamed platform.

We’re back to square one, not knowing what to believe. We’ve had to wildly speculated over hoaxes that turned out to be a 3D printed controller and more, but, at least we can take comfort in knowing that Nintendo will start talking about Nintendo NX soon. (We hope).

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  1. Dude we all knew NX won’t be this uber powerful console based on Nintendo past it might be on par with Xbox1/Ps4 or maybe slightly powerful than xbox1 or slightly weaker. Not to say it’s hard to make a powerful console than ps4 but as we all know when it comes to making console Nintendo is known to cut corners

        1. Back in the days nintendo was big and powerful. But since ps3 and xbix 360 came along wii was weak… then for a year the Wii u was slightly more powerful until ps4 and xb1 came and now its slower. Runs their games great though but other titles not so much. Of course a mario game wont need much graphical power lol

          1. Actually, as somebody who understands software and architectures, if developers were willing to be less lazy, most games would be pretty close to ps4 and closer to xbox1. It’s not a matter of gimmicky hardware specs. The Wii U is so much more efficient than PS4 and xbox1, with several components that outright outpower them in ways that really matter, but only if coded for properly. For example, bus speeds for Wii U are such that, again, if coded for properly, almost compensate for lack of hardware specs like RAM and graphics RAM.

            That said, there are some games that still wouldn’t run the best on it. The people who made project cars discovered this after years of trying.

  2. I find it hilarious that there have been numerous reports including one from the Wall Street Journal that NX was a machine more powerful than current gen, but yet after one report which was erroneous to start with gets “debunked” and now all of a sudden people are going back to NX being underpowered again.

    There is no question that there are people with agenda’s that control the media. It is not possible for a console which will have a brand new CPU (which is already confirmed as fact by AMD) and GPU several years past the one’s currently used in the PS4 and XB1 (which we also know is fact because whatever the NX uses will be more advanced than the ATI 7850 and 7870 GPU) to be simply on-par with them and certainly not LESS powerful.

    You don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand that.

  3. I think this is waay to complicated.
    1. Xbone and ps4 are the exact same AMD platform. AMD was smart.
    2. The AMD platform is getting a refresh – more ram etc – and Nintendo is jumping in a the midpoint.
    3. Thats it! Nintendo is rumored to have the second screen and AR. The AMD platform is set.

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