Nintendo leads August software revenue chart in Japan


Nintendo were once again able to maintain pole position atop Enterbrain’s monthly software revenue chart.

Throughout August, the company was able to gain 28.5% of overall revenue across Japan for the month largely thanks to New Super Mario Bros. 2, whereas Square Enix saw similar success with Wii exclusive Dragon Quest X to garner 26%.

Between July 30th – August 26th, the software revenue chart is as follows:
1. Nintendo: 28.5%
2. Square Enix: 26.0%
3. Namco Bandai: 14.8%
4. Pokémon: 5.3%
5. Konami: 3.2%
6. Capcom
7. Atlus
8. Spike Chunsoft
9. Nihon Columbia
10. Ubisoft
[Thanks Andriasang]

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