Nintendo confirm two new Pokémon titles for Nintendo 3DS

pokedex 3d

Nintendo’s global president has confirmed that they are to release two new Pokémon games for Nintendo 3DS.

Whilst not the core entry title that fans remain hopeful for, these will still prove of interest.

First up is the Pokémon AR Searcher, set to release through the Nintendo eShop in Japan on June 23rd.

This is an augmented reality shooter, similar to pre-packed software Face Raiders, that sees players hunt Pokémon that may then be carried across to Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2. It’ll be priced at 300 yen, which is approximately £2.30.

Next is the Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro application, which we can presume will translate to Pokédex 3D Pro.

This is due to release across Japan through the Nintendo eShop on July 14th, and is an updated version of the previous Pokédex 3D application that was made available for free. This will be priced at 1500 yen (£11.40).

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