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Worried that you may have missed out on registering for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme? Well, it seems that Nintendo is keen to ensure that as many owners as possible, having announced that they are to extend registration for those that have retained an original receipt or proof of purchase.

The information from Nintendo of Europe is as follows:

The deadline for registering for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme by connecting to Nintendo eShop or performing a system update has now passed. However, Nintendo 3DS owners who purchased their systems before August 12th are still eligible to join the programme and receive 20 free games from September.

How to register from August 12th, 2011

You can still register for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme, but in order to do so you will need to EITHER:

a) Have created a Friend Code and connected to the Internet with your Nintendo 3DS system prior to August 12th


b) Have retained your original receipt or proof of purchase for your Nintendo 3DS system

We will be providing you with a tool very soon where you can enter this data and still register for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements! The tool will be found at

You will also be able to use this tool to confirm that your Nintendo 3DS system is registered on the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme. For this, you will need only the serial number of your Nintendo 3DS system, found on the back of the system.

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  1. I bought this for my son back in March ( and am not very computer illerate) with Game and have only just found out about the offer of free games. Do I need to register with anyone for this or just wait for an announcement on this website – if so when will the next announcement be? And if I need to register anything how would I go about this.

    Many thanks

    Helen Smith

    1. Hi Helen,

      If your son has accessed the Nintendo eShop (on the Nintendo 3DS) since you purchased it, then he has already automatically registered and should be fine!

      If he hasn’t, then you will have to wait for Nintendo of Europe to release the tool to allow you to register as discussed above – we’ll let you know when that goes live through Nintendo Universe 🙂

      Hope that helps!

      Best wishes,

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