New GRID Autosport Trailer Covers Your Control Options

GRID Autosport Screenshot

Codemasters and Feral Interactive have released a new trailer for GRID Autosport on Nintendo Switch, sharing more about the authentic racing simulator’s control options.

These will help to make sure that you can perform at your best, and include:

  • Classic Buttons — Steer, accelerate and brake with buttons.
  • Classic Combo — Steer with an analogue stick. Accelerate and brake with buttons.
  • Classic Analogue — Steer, accelerate and brake with analogue sticks.
  • Tilt Steer — Tilt your console to steer. Accelerate and brake with analogue sticks.
  • Mirrored Mode — Left-handed players can flip the default controls.
  • Custom — Map any control to any button, analogue stick or gyroscopic motion control.

GRID Autosport comes to the portable console packed with high-speed thrills, realistic handling and a difficulty level that scales to your skills.

You will have the chance to feel like a pro racer as you master the world’s fastest cars to win motorsport’s most exhilarating races, whether that be the prestigious Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps or the narrow city streets of Barcelona.

With all downloadable content to be included, you will have access to 100 cars, 100 circuits and some new additions like tilt controls and custom controls.

GRID Autosport will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2019.

Alex Seedhouse
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