New Ancho-V Games Stage Is Splatoon’s Last Addition


It has been announced that the new Ancho-V Games stage will be added to Splatoon‘s rotation tomorrow, bringing the Wii U exclusive’s schedule of free downloadable content to a close.

PC-fan shaped propellers are placed across the stage, which can be inked by players to move portions of the floor. That opens up new strategies, depending on whether the stage is orientated horizontally or vertically – can you secure the high ground?

“A new stage, Ancho-V Games, is joining the rotation tomorrow,” the Squid Research Lab writes. “The setting this time around is inside the offices of the developers of hit indie games like “Squid Jump.” Keep an eye out for some of the jellyfish development team, hard at work (and under a strict NDA!) on their next title. Hope they don’t mind the mess!

“One feature of this stage are the PC-fan shaped propellers that can be inked to move portions of the floor. Use these to exploit the stage’s verticality and gain the high ground over your opponents. What role do these things play in game development, anyway?

“Also, this will be the last of the new stages to be added. Do you have any faves? You may find that you can change your impression of stages that aren’t your favorite by changing the ways you move through them. Study the maps using the “Recon” mode and create your own patterns of attack. That will help you gain the advantage in any battle situation.

“Do whatever it takes to make your time battling as fun as possible! The good times don’t end here, friends!”

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