Moonlighter: Between Dimensions Expansion Out On Nintendo Switch This Week

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions Key Art

11 bit studios and Digital Sun have announced that the Moonlighter: Between Dimensions expansion will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

In this new expansion, you learn that the serenity in Rynoka hadn’t lasted long. The villagers have become concerned about a cryptic portal that has appeared, resulting in widespread anxiety about this unknown threat.

You will need to finish the main game before you will be able to access the new content, which has opened the gates to a brand-new Interdimensional Dungeon filled with new creatures, weapons, armour, shop items and rings.

There is also free content that will be made available to all alongside the expansion, included new thieves that can invade your shop, the indecisive customer appearing as a new client and a bothersome bird that can terrorise your customers.

The Moonlighter: Between Dimensions expansion will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 29th May 2020.

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