Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Final DLC Pack now available

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Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate‘s last DLC Pack is now available, bringing several months of delivering free content to the Nintendo 3DS exclusive to a close.

That welcomes 12 new quests, three new Arena challenges, two new GX armour sets, seven new masks, bonus Palico Sanchez, a Disco Ball Poogie costume, two Guild Card backgrounds, and seven Guild Card titles – one of which being “Monster Hunter.”

That content includes taking on a fully-charged Zinogre in Party Challenge 3, a ferocious Deviljho in Challenge Quest 11, and an Apex Rajang in Monster Fest 8. To download the content select ‘DLC’ on the main menu in-game, where you will be able to select whichever you would like to access.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is now available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS worldwide.

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