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Capcom Reflect On Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Western Success

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has sold more than four million copies worldwide, but Capcom saw more importance in the fact that it became the first title in the series to sell over one million copies in E...

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Interview Touches On Gameplay Design Decisions

Capcom has shared an exclusive interview with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate director Kaname Fujioka and lead designer Yuya Tokuda, which largely discusses gameplay design decisions. That sees the conversa...

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Final DLC Pack now available

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate‘s last DLC Pack is now available, bringing several months of delivering free content to the Nintendo 3DS exclusive to a close. That welcomes 1...


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players to be rewarded in Monster Hunter X

We haven’t heard much more about Monster Hunter X, or Monster Hunter Cross, since it was announced at Capcom’s Monster Hunter’s Gathering 2015 event in Japan earlier this year. However, series p...


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s July DLC delivers powerful Star Knight Armour

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate‘s monthly content continues, with July’s treats having been confirmed by the Capcom Unity Blog. Purely on numbers, this delivers 14 new quests, five new weapons, ...


Metroid leads Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s May DLC Pack

Capcom have revealed that May’s downloadable content for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will mark the arrival of their Metroid, Mega Man and Street Fighter collaborations. This will add 14 new quests...

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

Capcom’s thunderous call to arms has been heard. Nearing 2.5 million sales in Japan alone, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate embarks on a journey to western shores at a time where it largely remains the...

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate preview

It’s been an agonising wait for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. After Monster Hunter 4 issued a call to arms across Japan in late 2013, those around the world particularly keen to join the hunt have ...


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate quests toward February 13th launch date

It has been confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is questing toward launch in Europe and North America on February 13th, coinciding with the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL arriving at re...

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