Miitomo Update Will Let You Trade Candy For Game Tickets


Nintendo has announced that they are preparing a new software update for Miitomo, which will deliver important changes to how certain aspects of the social experience app will work.

That will primarily add Candy Drop, a new game that will let you spend sweets that you have collected to unlock game tickets. Nintendo having seemingly realised that the sweets item is largely unnecessary, users will also soon be able to listen to all of their friends’ answers without having to require them.

Miifoto of the Day will now be optional, which is another step to improve how quickly you can start using the app. While players can choose which of their friends’ Mii characters can visit their own room, basically letting you select who you would like to learn more about.

Nintendo outlines the full list of features that will be coming soon, as:

  • Candy Drop, a game where you drop sweets to get game tickets!
  • You’ll be able to listen to all your friends’ answers in their rooms without paying sweets
  • You’ll be able to choose whether or not to receive the Miifoto of the Day!
  • You’ll be able to choose who visits your room!
  • Improved image quality of Miifotos you save to your device!
  • Various improvements to performance and functions.
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    1. I already got thw latest update 1.3.1, but whenever I try to play the candy drop it says the system needs to be updated and wont let me play, can anyone help?

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