Make Your Own Vaporeon At Build-A-Bear Workshop

Vaporeon Build-A-Bear Workshop Photo

Build-A-Bear Workshop has revealed Vaporeon as the next Pokémon that you will be able to make in-store or order online.

Just like the other additions in the Pokémon Collection – which up until now has included Eevee, Jolteon, Pikachu, Snubbull, Squirtle – the Bubble Jet Pokémon will be made available in stores and as an online exclusive set.

“Vaporeon is the third Eevee Evolution plush to arrive at Build-A-Bear Workshop!” the retailer enthuses. “Vaporeon is a Water-type Pokémon with beautiful soft-blue fur, impressive neck fin, and a long, flowing tail.”

The online exclusive Vaporeon bundle (£49.50) is now available to buy, coming with a 12-inch Vaporeon plush, exclusive Water-Type Cape, Poké Ball Sleeper and 5-in-1 sound chip included.

Build-A-Bear Workshop explains that “this item cannot be purchased unstuffed, nor can stuffing adjustments be made. A scent cannot be placed inside this pre-stuffed item,” adding that: “Pokémon products are only available as exclusive bundles when purchasing online. These products may not be purchased separately.”

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