Kingdom: New Lands Receives Free Skull Island Content Update


Raw Fury has released a free content update for Kingdom: New Lands on Nintendo Switch, introducing the challenging Skull Island to the monarchy simulator.

This harrowing place will only become available to those that have completed the game’s main islands, and, the publisher teases, will be somewhere that you cannot escape from by the usual means – meaning no boat, basically.

The publisher writes:

Exciting news for Kingdom: New Lands fans! We’ve been working on something special for everyone who has been itching for new content to continue their royal experience. Today we’re revealing Skull Island, a free content update that is challenging AF. Yeah, that’s right, capital A F.

What is Skull Island? True Kingdom fans know we never give away all our secrets, but we’ll go ahead and give you a taste of things to come. It is a sixth island that is only available to those who complete the main islands and are hungry for that added challenge. It will not be easy. It will challenge even the most sturdy of monarchs. And you will not be able to win the same way you win on other islands (in other words, bye bye boat).

Time will not be on your side. Do you have what it takes to survive? Download the free update today, and then connect with Raw Fury online to let us know how it’s going! We’ll be sure to laugh at your misery.*

* = The ocean surrounding Skull Island is filled with the tears of lesser monarchs.

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